BELEZA AINDA VITAL –  Gisela Domschke

11.08.15 — 19.09.15




Banished by the intentions of modernism, beauty still assails us to this day. Here we retrieve it not as a quality, but rather as an imposition. “Things are their own planets, and have their own geology,” says Lars Spuybroek. Small, large, ethereal, ephemeral, natural or artificial, things are not only perceived, but lived in their atmosphere. They radiate affective fields. These aesthetic encounters occur in a world that resists the idea of being crystallized in fixed forms, in a world whose greatest vocation is its flip side.

This sequence of shows for Glory Hole was designed based on this proposition of beauty as attraction, combining humiliation and exaltation, fear and pleasure, a transformative and primordial experience in all of our lives.

Camila Sposati, Darvaza, 2012 / video / 6’ 36’’

A thing depends on its nucleus to change, transform, create beauty. When slowly walking around this geology, the artist instills a state of suspension, performing a dramatic action, confronting the sublime. Indifferent to the risks, she causes a collision between these two nuclei, so different in form, yet with the same poetic and transformative dynamic. One might think of guts, of courage, of temerity, but there is something curiously placid in facing a colossus out of the simple desire to walk up to it. Things find the lava from within.

In October 2011, the artist spent 25 days in Darvaza, supported by the Montehermoso Art and Research, Spain. Researching sites in Turkmenistan desert and cities in Uzbekistan – ‘Silk Road’, she developed her project “Charting revolution, transecting the symbolic roots of the Earth”.

Gisela Domschke is an independent curator who was born in São Paulo. She studied philosophy at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), at Sorbonne and at Collège Internationale de Philosophie, Paris. She has an M.A. in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Arts, London. She is also a former lecturer and dissertation supervisor for the M.A. in Interactive Medias at Goldsmiths University, London. Her own works have been exhibited at the Whitney Biennial (NY), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), ICA (London), Johnson Museum of Art (Ithaca), Centre d’ Art Contemporain (Geneva) and at the São Paulo Biennial. She currently develops curatorship projects in partnership with international institutions such as the British Council, AHRC, Mondriaan Foundation, Virtueel Platform, FutureEverything, Prince Claus Foundation, including: 2012 ZERO1, Arts and Technology Biennial, San Jose, CA and IV Mostra 3M de Arte Digital, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, 2013. She is the joint creator and artistic director of the Labmóvel project (mention of honor at the Prix Ars Electronica 2013, Linz, Austria).

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